Sunday, December 2, 2012

Facebooks HipHop VM

Here at Facebook, the HipHop team constantly strives to improve the efficiency of PHP execution and increase productivity for our PHP developers. In late 2011 we announced that we were pursuing a just-in-time (JIT) compilation approach called HipHop VM (HHVM) as a successor to the HipHop PHP-to-C++ compiler (HPHPc). The goals of the HHVM project are two-fold: build a production-ready virtual machine that delivers superior performance, and unify our production and development environments.
Missat HHVM helt, bara kikat lite på kompilatorn, men finns nu på Github under facebook/hiphop-php. Verkar klart intressant; frågan är hur den hanterar frameworks som Symfony2, och hur omfattande tweaks man måste göra för att få det att rulla.

Speeding up PHP-based development with HipHop VM []

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