Thursday, December 6, 2012

Facebook Engineering om Firefox Facebook Messenger

Earlier this year, Mozilla reached out to Facebook with an exciting project they had been working on in Mozilla Labs. The concept was to build an API that would allow social mediums to integrate content directly with the browser.  Facebook was a natural early partner, having a mature chat product as well as lots of dynamic content in the ticker and sidebar. Mozilla built out the SocialAPI to enable a series of new features to make the experience feel truly integrated, including embedded jewels, ticker stream flyout panels and browser-provided chat tabs.

One of the great things about building the product directly for Firefox 17 is that we could take a dependency on a number of HTML5 standards, such as WebSockets and Shared Worker. This allowed us to architect our messaging stack from the ground up to be fast and efficient.
 Facebook om nya sociala integrationen med Firefox.

Under the hood: Facebook Messenger for Firefox []

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