Saturday, November 24, 2012

Basecamp mobile och responsive design

Basecamp was already functioning fine on mobile browsers, but it required a lot of pinching, swiping, and zooming. CSS media queries would have let us craft a mobile layout for all kinds of devices with a limitless array of screen configurations. We’d be on the exact same codebase with all the same features – and new features would automatically be available on mobile when they launch as long as we remembered to test and optimize them.

Only using responsive design for Basecamp mobile would have been like fitting a Prius body to a Hummer… under-the-hood it would have been all wrong.

On the surface it sounded great, but there were some big problems. The JavaScript that powers the real-time feel of Basecamp is heavy both in terms of file size and resource usage. This is no problem on the desktop where bandwidth is abundant and CPUs are excessively fast, but mobile browsers aren’t nearly as capable of processing JavaScript and the initial download would have been oppressive.
Nackdelar med att använda responsive design, här från Basecamp.

Behind the speed: Basecamp mobile []

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