Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iDoneThis: Få saker gjort genom att se vad andra får gjort

I mängden av nyårslöftesrelaterade startups hittade jag iDoneThis.

Du signar up med din e-post och beskriver det du vill få gjort, och om du vill få det gjort varje dag eller varje vecka.

Efter ett par dagar har du blivit tilldelad en slumpmässigt utvald grupp, kring 20 personer. Du får då ett mail som beskriver vad varje deltagare i just din grupp har gjort under gårdagen, samt en uppmaning att svara på mailet och beskriva vad du har gjort idag.
We probably didn’t need scientists to actually come up with a figure (80% failure rate!) to know that New Year’s resolutions don’t stick.

Instead, build a habit! You can start with baby steps, like drinking water instead of soda, attaining small successes and rewards that will build up until voila, habit!

The ever-helpful Zen Habits has great tips on building habits: make it enjoyable, commit to one habit at a time, and harness the power of a social network.

Tell us your New Year’s Habit and we’ll match you up in teams of people building similar habits. We'll keep you on track with a nightly email reminder. Just reply with what you did. The next morning, you’ll get an email with your team's progress, and you’ll be on your way to long term-change slowly but surely.

Utdrag ur dagens iDoneThis-mail för min grupp:
  • Wrote for 20 minutes on my pilot.
  • Reworked horror novel opening.
  • still working on the same lyric. feels a little like waiting at a bus stop for the express to come by. no timetable in sight, but i'm here until it arrives.
  • Finished a draft! We'll see how it reads in the morning.
  • No writing, but caught up on some overdue emails.

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