Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sergeant, Are We There Yet?

Nu börjat sträckkolla HBO:s Generation Kill; typ Band Of Brothers, fast i Irak, och med Alexander Skarsgård. Och Beecher från Oz som embedded reporter. Guld.

Sgt. Colbert: In the infinite wisdom to whoever runs the military post exchange store, they won't sell this stuff in quantity to military personnel. But, for civilians like yourself, the sky is the limit.
Evan Wright: And why is that?
Cpl. Person: To Keep us angry. If Marines could get what they needed when they needed it we would be happy and wouldn't be ready to kill people all of the time. The Marine Corps is like America's Pitbull. They beat us, mistreat us and every once in awhile, they let us out to attack someone.

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Anonymous said...

lelle pitbullz :(