Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something I Learned Over In England

Something I Learned Over In England

Nyinförskaffad espressobryggare, har dock inte råd med espressokaffe.

In other news; WGA board approves deal, strike near end.

Guild members to vote to approve deal between WGA board and studios and officially end strike as soon as Wednesday.

No one wants to jinx anything by officially declaring that the writers strike has ended, but with each passing hour, it's looking more and more likely that Hollywood writers will be putting down their picket signs and picking up their pencils.

Last week, rumors began circulating around the industry that so much progress had been made in the behind-closed-doors meetings between WGA guild leaders and studio executives that a deal was imminent. On Sunday, the rumors proved true. The WGA negotiating board approved a tentative contract with the studios, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Guild members now have two votes at hand. The 10,500-strong WGA will vote on Tuesday to end the strike, and will then have almost two weeks to approve the tentative agreement. Should everything be approved--which most think is fairly certain--television can get back to business as early as Wednesday.

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