Thursday, January 24, 2008

Judge Kattis

Judge Kattis

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From: Judge Kattis <...>
To: Jens ... <...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 09:41:33
Subject: Your New Kattis Account

Hello Jens,

This is a mail from Kattis, KTH's problemset judge. I'm writing to inform you that an account has been created for you. With this account, you can submit solutions to problems and have me judge them. Correct solutions give you eternal glory and bragging rights.

I hope you will enjoy your sparkling new Kattis account and use it well. Remember, a database entry is a terrible thing to waste!


You can change these settings (among other things) by visiting my splendid homepage, [...]. On the homepage, you can find current judge status, documentation (including not one, but two fantastic tutorials) and other wondrous things.

To send your submissions to Kattis, use our wonderful submission client, the marvellous homepage, or mail them to [...] (using the mail format described in the documentation).


Hope you enjoy Kattis!
The Honorable Judge Kattis <...>

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Anonymous said...

Din tv är spegelvänd! Aah!