Sunday, April 8, 2007

I Do Have A Thing For You

I Do Have A Thing For You

Var med Polina och Cristina på Sjöhästen och såg The Lovekevins, trist med bara nya låtar, oh well, köpte skivan iallafall.

Private Life Of A Cat

for a cat I am very offensive
and I do have a thing for you
I will hide in the snow if I need to
my fur is black
and the rest is attitude

can you tell me now the answer to disco?
and did you know about Hollywood?

the greyhounds are a drag and the
postman and the other lad
let's get ready to rumble
for the neighbourhood

where did all the love go?
hey people let's have a fight
and be done with Jenny and Joe
where did all the love go?
I don't know why my friends
always call me Romeo


1 comment:

j said...

you know me, i always end up in trouble
i don't remember how, how to stop
i know you won't talk
and your mother's flat from a jaywalk
and me, i'd rather go dancing than growing up