Thursday, October 19, 2006

Silence From You

Silence From You

Foto: brilliancy

Såg The Hidden Cameras på Debaser Medis, fast bilden är från nån annan spelning. Keyboardtjejen skrek "krossa kapitalet!" på bruten svenska. Gosh.

Music Is My Boyfriend

I found music
and he found me
I gave him some tambourine
he gave me a scream
I washed his dirty underwear
he made me toast
music filled my mug with vaseline
I gave him a choke

we could be happy
we could be free
if we don't make-out
or fall in love

I found music
and he found me
bleeding from my fingers and knees
plugged into a drum machine
nailed to my head: a tambourine
and a guitar laced to my waist
a stone cold fever:
an internal melody

guitars make me happy
drum beats make us all free
solid as a rock lover
is the music in me


Anonymous said...

missade man något?

solanum said...

ja, verkligen. var definitivt bland det bästa live-bandet jag sett på ett tag. trots att jag egentligen inte gillar senaste skivan.