Monday, October 9, 2006

He Never Thought The Rain Would Fall

He Never Thought The Rain Would Fall

Såg The Essex Green på Debaser igår, och fick en glad överraskning när Blood Music visade sig vara förband. Bilderna blev brutalt usla, men ändå. Förövrigt spelade de aldrig Everything Is Green, förmodligen deras bästa låt.

Everything Is Green

mondays I’m alone with you
it took me by surprise
I never saw that boy in you
locked behind your eyes
we’re not ready for the cut
so I’ll meet you in the rough
by the side of the creek

will you birdie, will you bogie?
it doesn’t matter much
just keep your head down, and swing right through
soon you’ll be in the cup
in the woods what will we find?
this day was made for you and I
everything is green
everything is green


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