Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Change In The Weather

Change In The Weather

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Fick just veta att Victoria Bergsman har lämnat The Concretes. Skulle ha sett dem två gånger i år, på Popaganda och sedan på Hultsfred, men de ställde in båda spelningarna. Förresten är Teen Love (Lipstick Edition 10" 1999) fortfarande deras bästa låt, och lär alltså förbli det. Bilden är från deras spelning i Toronto i maj i år.

Hey cats!

These are bitter times indeed. We do not really know how to tell you, perhaps the terse text of our press release says it best:

The Concretes have announced that lead singer Victoria Bergsman is departing the band to pursue a solo career. The band will continue playing together and are currently drafting songs for a new album. They performed without Bergsman at the Summercase Festival in Spain. They apologise to fans who were hoping to see them perform together.

Victoria Bergsman was an original member of the The Concretes, forming the band with Lisa Milberg (drums / vocals) and Maria Eriksson (guitar / vocals) in Stockholm in 1995. Since that time the band have released two albums, the eponymous debut from 2004 featuring the singles "You Can't Hurry Love", "Say Something New" and "Warm Night"; and this year's "In Colour". The Concretes' performance of recent single "On The Radio" on the last series of the Jonathan Ross TV Show is the last time the band will have played together prior to Bergsman's departure.

Anyway... Life goes on. We are working on new stuff and so is Victoria. We wish her the best of luck.

/The Concretes xxx

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